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Cesare Furlanello

Director of Scientific Program. Cesare is a mathematician, a senior researcher at FBK and head of the MPBA research unit. His research vision is the need for connecting high-throughput omics data with environmental variables (bio-geoinformatics), to support new predictive models in human and environmental health. He has published more than 100 scientific works, led about 60 research projects, help founding one spinoff company, but overall he is a founder of the WebValley Summer School, and has run the program since its first edition in 2001.

Claudia Dolci

Director of WebValley 2015. With a PhD at ETH Zurich, she is a an expert on geo-informatics methods to study transportation systems and environmental health. At MPBA she coordinates the development of IET (Economical Territorial Interface) a new WebGIS platform integrating geographic data with statistical information relative to socio economic variables. She is also developing new methods for risk mapping for MITRIS (analysis of road accident risk) and the Cancer Atlas-Trentino. She co-directed with Giuseppe Jurman the WebValley Summer School from 2009.

Giuseppe Jurman

Co-Director. Contributing to WebValley since 2002, Giuseppe Jurman is a mathematician, with a PhD in Algebra, working at MPBA on various aspects of computational biology. His main research interests are statistical machine learning, mathematical modeling for high-throughtput data and network analysis. He is also an expert in scientific programming with Python and other computing languages.

Lab Team

Marco Cristoforetti

Marco Cristoforetti is a physicist with a PhD in computational theoretical physics. Working with MPBA as a data scientist, he is involved in different projects ranging from machine learning applied to complex networks to streaming data analytics.

Ernesto Arbitrio

Ernesto is a Computer Science engineer. He is an expert of software integration and technical project management in ICT environments. At MPBA, he's a middleware application specialist and web infrastructure addicted. He is also a Python lover.

Marco Chierici

Marco Chierici is a research scientist at FBK with a Ph.D. in Bioengineering. He is expert on bioinformatic tools for the analysis of high-throughput biological data, as well as on scientific programming with R and Python. At MPBA he has been responsible of next-generation sequencing computational pipelines since 2008, also developing methods for reproducibility of analyses. He was scientific chief instructor of WebValley 2009 and 2014.

Valerio Maggio

Valerio Maggio has a Ph.D. in Computational Science from the University of Naples “Federico II” and he is currently a Postdoc researcher in the FBK - MPBA team. His research interests are mainly focused on Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Big Data Analysis. Valerio is very much involved in the scientific Python community. Currently he uses Python as the mainstream language for his machine learning code, making an intensive use of Scikit-learn and Matplotlib to crunch, munge, and analyse experimental data. Valerio is an active member of the Italian Python community, and the lead organiser of the PyData Italy conferences, held in Florence on 2015 and 2016. He also enjoys playing basketball and drinking tea.

Stefano Fioravanzo

Stefano Fioravanzo received the B.Sc. degree in Computer Science from the University of Trento in March 2016. He then stared his internship at MPBA-FBK to deepen his knowledge in data analysis, data management and machine learning.

Luca Coviello

Luca Coviello received the M.Sc. degree in Data Science from the EIT Digital Master School in November 2018. He participated in WebValley 2012 and started working in MPBA-FBK the next year, focusing on bioimaging and web applications. He is interested in deep learning and environmental sciences.

Scientific Secretary

Giulia Bruscagin

Giulia has a M.Sc. degree in Bioengineering from the University of Padua. At WebValley she works as Scientific Secretary, supporting the WebValley Team with logistics and assisting WebValley participants.