FBK Program 2011  

Program 2011

Sunday, June 19th

14.00 Visit to Castel Ivano

16.00 Arrival in Transacqua

17.00 WebValley2011 Team Presentation

18.00 The MUSE Project [Michele Lanzingher]

Monday, June 20th

09.00 The WebValley Lab, UNIX & the Shell [Gabriele Franch, Giuseppe Jurman]

11.00 Awk [Giuseppe Amatulli]

14.00 Introduction to geographic data and cartography, including outdoor GPS data sampling [Claudia Dolci, Riccardo De Filippi, Shamar Droghetti]

18.00 Trac [Shamar Droghetti, Gabriele Franch]

21.00 Wiki [Shamar Droghetti, Gabriele Franch]

Tuesday, June 21st

09.00 SVN [Shamar Droghetti, Gabriele Franch]

10.00 Introduction to programming & Python [Roberto Visintainer]

14.00 Climate: local and global aspects [Roberto Barbiero]

17.00 Prudence dataset and Climate change [Giuseppe Amatulli]

17.30 Climate Change impacts on plant distribution [Stefano Casalegno]

18.00 Discussion: climate & climate change

Wednesday, June 22nd

09.00 Introduction to Object Oriented programming in Python & The Zen of Python Programming [Roberto Visintainer]

11.30 The Open Source Paradigm, Intellectual Property – I [Maurizio Napolitano]

14.00 Introduction to databases: theory and hands-on [Claudia Dolci, Shamar Droghetti]

16.00 The Open Source Paradigm, Intellectual Property – II [Maurizio Napolitano]

21.00 Science, big data and reproducibility [Cesare Furlanello]

Thursday, June 23th

09.00 Scientific Python – I [Giuseppe Jurman, Roberto Visintainer]

11.00 Open data [Maurizio Napolitano]

14.00 Introduction to Geodatabases and QGIS: theory and hands-on [Claudia Dolci, Shamar Droghetti, Riccardo DeFilippi]

17.00 Group discussion: brainstorming on the project

Friday, June 24th

09.00 Kinetic and 3D sensors [David Stoppa, Leonardo Gasparini]

10.30 Parallel sessions

  • Introduction to R: algorithms & visualization [Giuseppe Amatulli, Stefano Casalegno]
  • Body patterns and interaction with Kinetic [David Stoppa, Leonardo Gasparini]

14.00 Virtualization and cloud computing – part 1 [Roberto Flor, Silvano Paoli]

16.00 HTML, CSS, EtxJS, OpenLayers, WebGIS: intro [Gabriele Franch, Shamar Droghetti]

Saturday, June 25th

10.30 Geostatistics [Stefano Casalegno]

14.00 Teamwork

Sunday, June 26th

09.00 Excursion [Roberto Visintainer, Martina Calovi]

Monday, June 27th

09.00 Introduction to biodiversity [Stefano Casalegno]

09.30 Biodiversity: from data to models (TLC) [GBIF]

10.30 Virtualization and cloud computing – part 1 [Roberto Flor, Silvano Paoli]

14.00 Introduction to machine learning [Annalisa Barla, Alessandro Verri]

18.00 “Risk and Prejudice” , A conversation about risk in physics, finance and economy [Rudi Bogni]

21.00 Funding opportunities by EU programmes: essential steps to make ideas a breakthrough [Paolo Santinello]

22.00 Jam session

Tuesday, June 28th

09.00 Climate Change and Adaptation: Natural Resources, Plant Pathology [Ilaria Pertot, Andrea Faustini]

16.30 Teamwork

Wednesday, June 29th

09.00 Data and global soil map [Robert Gibb]

11.00 Teamwork

14.00 WebGIS @ MPBA [Cesare Furlanello]

Thursday, June 30th

09.00 Teamwork

10.30  Il caso del Lago Serraia [Katia Monauni]

15.00 Trentino Network [Paolo Bertolini]

16.00 Teamwork

Friday, July 1st

08.30 Climate change and forest pests: models from the Alps [Massimo Faccoli UNIPD]

9.30 Visit to a local site to understand climate impacts on forests.

12.30 Pic nic

14.00 Climate change and epidemics [Marco Ajelli]

Saturday, July 2th

09.00 Visit to Verona

Sunday, July 3rd

09.00 Excursion

Monday, July 4th

09.00 Teamwork

Tuesday, July 5th

09.00 Teamwork

Wednesday, July 6th

09.00 Teamwork

Thursday, July 7th

09.00 Teamwork

Friday, July 8th

09.00 Teamwork

11.00 Public project presentation

Saturday, July 9th

09.00 Lab disinstallation

15.00 Departure from Transacqua