FBK Warm-Up Activities  

Warm-Up Activities


Hereby we add a general schema,  some web resources and scientific papers useful to start thinking about webvalley 2011 project.

.Data Hub

Web databases for climate change and environmental risk studies:

IPCC Data Distribuition Centre, Worldclim, PRUDENCE, Goeportal , Geodataportal UNEP , GBIF

Standards for geodata: Open Geo Consortium , Data One

Application Server: Postgis , Geoserver , Django


User Interface

Kinect: kinecthacks , ROS

WebGIS: ExtJS , Geoext , OpenLayer


Process modelling

Climate change model downscaling: Global Circulation Model Dowscaling

Reproducible research: Accessible Reproducible Research


Maps & Results

Tree species distribuition , ClimateWizard , GES-DISC (Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center) Interactive Online Visualization ANd aNalysis Infrastructure ,Climate hot map


Relevant papers